Novo Nordisk Education Foundation

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) is a non-profit organisation established in the year 1997 with the purpose of increasing diabetes awareness and education. NNEF aims to provide comprehensive education & awareness on diabetes and other healthcare issues by bridging the knowledge gap.  

Mission: Enhancing healthcare by facilitating awareness and education.

In India, diabetes is an emergency in slow motion. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 2019 estimates that one in 11 adults has diabetes. One in two adults with diabetes are undiagnosed. According to the IDF 9th Atlas 2019, India is inching closer to overtake China to have the largest population of people with diabetes: 77 million are living with diabetes currently and is expected to grow upto 134.2 million by 2045. Over the next 25 years, diabetes prevalence is expected to increase in all countries, with the greatest increase expected in middle-income countries. The atlas also points out that one in six births globally  is effected by hyperglycaemia ( Diabetes)1.

As per our mission we collaborate with key stakeholders and like-minded partners on key initiatives to bring about awareness and education to tackle the burden of diabetes. As an offshoot of this we also have structured programmes reaching out to people with diabetes (PwD)  and healthcare professionals.


Increasing awareness by educating people with diabetes (PwD), doctors, diabetes educators, paramedics and public in general can help to control the epidemic of diabetes. The main challenge is to reduce the human and financial costs through early diagnosis and effective management and to prevent new cases of diabetes2.

Purpose and objectives:

The foundation hopes to improve healthcare, particularly diabetes care by facilitating:

• Diabetes awareness and patient empowerment programs
• Diabetes education 
• Diabetes detection drives and formation of diabetes registries 
• Diabetes care standardization and up-gradation 
• Diabetes research


1. IDF 9th atlas; 2019; IDF Diabetes Atlas 9th edition 2019

2. Global Diabetes Plan 2011-21; International Diabetes Federation 2011


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1. Estimated from IDF 8th atlas 2017