Knowing insulin

What is Insulin?
Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone which is secreted by pancreas. Many people with diabetes are prescribed insulin because their bodies do not produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or do not use insulin properly (type 2 diabetes). Insulin helps control the level of glucose in the body. It helps glucose move from the blood into your body. Your body cells need glucose for energy.

Why has Insulin been prescribed for you?

  • Your body needs the right amount of insulin and glucose at all times to function properly.Insulin helps your body cells get the right amount of glucose they need.
  • When you have diabetes, there is either deficient or no production of insulin.
  • Taking insulin when needed helps control blood glucose levels so your body cells get the right amount of energy they need to keep you normal and functioning well.Your insulin is working properly if it keeps your glucose levels near normal.

Why do you have to inject insulin?

  • The most common way to get insulin into your body is to inject it with an insulin pen, a syringe or an insulin pump.
  • Insulin cannot be taken as a pill because it would be destroyed by the acid in your stomach. Insulin pens offer a convenient, and affordable alternative to syringes.
  • Adjusting doses is easy and use of short, very-fine needles in insulin pen is almost pain free.

Where to inject insulin?

Insulin works best when injected into the fat layer just beneath the skin. 

Some areas of the body where Insulin can be injected include:

  • Abdomen (except a 2 inch circle around your belly button)
  • Thighs (top and outer parts)
  • Upper arms

Abdomen is the preferred site for insulin injection.You can inject in the abdomen in morning and the thigh at bedtime. Keep your shot 1 inch away from scars and 2 inch away from your navel.

Keep rotating your injection sites at least 2 fingers (2cm) apart from your previous injection.Where you inject insulin can affect how quickly it works. Ask your doctor where you should inject your insulin.

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