World Diabetes Day

The Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) is committed to increasing awareness about diabetes and related risks to ensure early treatment is initiated for a healthy, complication-free life for people with diabetes.

In India, presently there are 72.9 million people with diabetes out of which 36 million are not aware they have diabetes. As per the ‘Rule of Halves’, only half of the total population with diabetes, is diagnosed and about half of those diagnosed receive processional care. Of the people receiving care, only about half achieve their treatment targets and of those, only about half live a life free from diabetes-related complications.

To address this challenge, Every World Diabetes Day, Novo Nordisk Education Foundation partners with various stakeholders and communities to unite people with diabetes and the general public with a call to change diabetes on World Diabetes Day. The key objective is to increase diabetes awareness and improving access to care and treatment options.

Since 1997, NNEF has been organising WDD awareness activities all across India reaching out to thousands of people.

World Diabetes Day activities objectives:

  • Empower people with diabetes through proper education
  • Call for implementation of effective strategies and policies for prevention and management of diabetes to safeguard citizens’ health
  • Improve knowledge of healthcare professionals so that evidence-based recommendations are put into practice
  • Enable general populace to understand the serious impact of diabetes 

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1. Estimated from IDF 7th Atlas 2015
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