World Diabetes Day 2018

On World Diabetes Day, Novo Nordisk India launches the ‘1000-Day Challenge’ to reduce average Indian HbA1C by 1%

n a move aimed at addressing the uncontrolled diabetes threat, Novo Nordisk India has launched ‘IMPACT India’, a 1000- Day Challenge programme that seeks to lower the average HbA1C levels in India by at least 1%.

As part of the launch event organised on the eve of World Diabetes Day, India’s first ‘Diabetes Care Index’ was introduced to provide data on the state of diabetes care in India. The index uses Big Data Analytics

from a partner organisation to track the average HbA1c of the country. It will be updated quarterly.

According to the index, the current average HbA1c of India is 8.56% against the usually recommended target of <7%. The ‘Impact India’ programme will work towards reducing the HbA1c levels of treated patients. Every 1% reduction in HbA1c

reduces the risk of stroke by 12%, heart attack by 14%, diabetic eye disease by 31%, diabetic kidney disease by 33%, and diabetic limb disease by 43%.

Sharing the objective behind this ambitious initiative, Melvin D’souza, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Novo Nordisk India says: “The programme exemplifies our commitment towards improving diabetes care. Our aim is clear: to try and reduce the average HbA1c in India by at least 1% in partnership with various stakeholders. With this innovative approach we wish to understand some of the areas of key risk and vulnerability and

partner in designing interventions that can bend the curve of the prevalence of diabetes.”

The launch event in Delhi was attended by top diabetes experts in India and Anil Kumble, former cricketer and Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes® ambassador. Anil Kumble, Changing Diabetes® Ambassador too has joined the initiative to

inspire people to take up daily exercise and reduce consumption of high calories and processed food. Anil opines: “If we are to have any hope of bending the trajectory of the potentially catastrophic rise in diabetes, we have to work together to grapple with the factors that put people at risk in the first place. As a sportsperson I look forward to tough challenges, and with the 1000- Day challenge, we are calling on every stakeholder to work collectively.”

Some of the measures under the 1000-Day Challenge will be awareness and education amongst 150,000 practitioners and 10,000 paramedics through over 6,000 medical meetings and continuous medical education programmes over the

said period. Digital platforms will also be leveraged to partner with practitioners (doctors and paramedics), physician associations, government agencies and healthcare institutions to evolve and implement an approach to diabetes care appropriate to India.

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1. Estimated from IDF 7th Atlas 2015
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