Healthy diet is not only essential for people with diabetes but for every one of us as it is the need of hour to prevent diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and other life style disorders. A diabetes meal plan is a guide that tells you how much and what kinds of food one should choose to eat at meals and snack times.
Some meal planning tools include:

  • The plate method
  • Carb counting
  • Glycemic index

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  • Exercise helps improve fitness, burn calories and thus reduce body fat and control weight. For the best health benefits, experts recommend 10,000 steps a day of moderately intense physical activities which is equivalent to 30 minutes of walk or 150 minutes per week
  • Keeping one’s weight in proportion to height is an effective way to control diabetes and manage pre- diabetes. Keep a watch on your body weight and waist line.

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1. Estimated from IDF 7th Atlas 2015
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