Changing Diabetes® Barometer

The Changing Diabetes® Barometer programme places people with diabetes and the importance of quality of care at the core of all the CDB initiatives. The optimal to do this is through analysing and sharing relevant data to increase awareness and highlight need for improvements in diabetes prevention, treatment, and care. In addition, the CDB programme will also provide the context in which healthcare providers and payers can analyse the performance of their efforts, learn from best practices of others and thus drive improvements in diabetes care.


  • Underline the link between quality of diabetes care, reduction in complications and socio-economic costs thus enabling all stakeholders to make informed choices.
  • Improve treatment through inspiring learning based on measuring and comparing results as all stakeholders develop a clear picture of the current quality of diabetes care. 
  • Inspire others to follow best practice examples.


With these objectives in mind, CDB initiatives are aimed to achieve the following results:

  • Add ‘outcomes’ to the diabetes care debate (measuring key indicators, such as HbA1c, blood pressure, lipids, BMI, and complications) and go beyond medicinal treatments by looking at factors including access to care and implementation of national diabetes programmes. 
  • Serve as a valuable tool for doctors to devise new ways to improve quality of care. 
  • Enable patient advocacy groups to engage more effectively with healthcare funders and providers.
  • Allow legislators to assess the progress made in combating diabetes.
  • Bring together various stakeholders: people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, academics, patient and professional organizations, governments, industry, and media on one platform. 

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Access diabetes care through innovative and sustainable healthcare models

Changing Diabetes® Barometer

Project concluded
People Reached ~767,389 Lacs
Registered people with diabetes ~123,652 Lacs
Doctors and paramedics ~3,715
Community diabetes center > 110
People Reached ~45,547
Registered people with diabetes ~7,817
Doctors and paramedics ~320
Community diabetes center 11
People Reached ~109,911
Registered people with diabetes ~13,132
Doctors and paramedics ~657
Community diabetes center 4
Madhya Pradesh
People Reached ~116,037
Registered people with diabetes ~12,626
Doctors and paramedics ~443
Community diabetes center 17
People Reached ~415,455
Registered people with diabetes ~64,747
Doctors and paramedics ~1,276
Community diabetes center 43
People Reached ~32,083
Registered people with diabetes ~12,224
Doctors and paramedics ~172
Community diabetes center 11
Andhra Pradesh
People Reached ~31,543
Registered people with diabetes ~7,817
Doctors and paramedics ~61
Community diabetes center 1
People Reached ~16,813
Registered people with diabetes ~5,289
Doctors and paramedics ~786
Community diabetes center 16


Major activities under Project CDB

  • Creating awareness on diabetes and diabetes complications through Changing Diabetes® Barometer program in the community
What we do
  • As per rules of halves 50% PwD are not aware about the diabetes and diabetes complications, Changing Diabetes® Barometer program is trying to maximize awareness about the diabetes and its complications in the community.
  • Organising regular camps on diabetes awareness
  • Facilitating Community Health Centers (CHCs) and Primary Health Centers (PHCs) to become the center for regular information flow for diabetes
  • Distributing the diet charts at testing camps to PwD and people with Pre-Diabetes
  • Distribution IEC booklet to educate the community on diabetes at testing camps to PwD and people with Pre-Diabetes
  • Creating awareness on Diabetes in community with Changing Diabetes® in the Community newsletter
  • Improving awareness and diagnosis in the community
  • Improving the adherence rate for medication for minimizing complications


With India’s public healthcare system being challenged with existing gaps in healthcare system to provide optimal care, the Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) through the CBD programme has been collaborating with the state governments for capacity building and training public healthcare professionals.

  • To develop effective treatment practices for diabetes among the huge pool of Govt. doctors
  • Improve the patient outcome by ensuring the compliance rate
  • Ensure optimal treatment for better hypoglycemic control and reduction of diabetes related complications
What we do
  • Providing advanced diabetes care training to every PHC doctor
  • Engaging the PHC doctors with CMEs
  • Updating the PHC doctors knowledge on diabetes care with scientific and evidence based case reports
  • Ensure Provision of effective medication to PwD
  • High Compliance rate

Integrated approach of managing diabetes and the pilot model for NCD

The NCD burden is unresolved if the early diagnosis is not resulted in affordable treatment and counselling. Changing Diabetes® Barometer project has brought necessary improvement in awareness and knowledge, but due to a lack of provision of appropriate medication, containing the progression of the disease and complications could not be achieved, as desired. “Optimal Care” needs to be strengthened is to make the diabetes and NCD management more robust. The experience from the CDB project has made a way for establishing focused diabetes care clinics by introducing Centre for Diabetes Care (CDC). Under this initiative, Diabetes treatment infrastructure was strengthened by focused treatment and counselling along with training and capacity building. CDC would be based on a holistic approach of basic diabetes management. Centres for Diabetes Care (CDC) is defined as a process of introduction of focused diabetes care as a part of the Out Patient Department (OPD) care in urban health centres/ Area Hospitals/District Hospitals by facilitating necessary capacity in terms of training, infrastructure, prescription and administration of anti-diabetes medication and counselling.

  • Strengthening “Changing Diabetes® Barometer” project through introduction of “Community Diabetes Centre for Diabetes care” at Secondary and Tertiary level
What we do
  • Centre for Diabetes Care (CDC), first of its kind in India for management of diabetes under Public Private Partnership
  • Can be most effective model to control the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in developing country like India
  • Easy access of diabetes medical assistance to every common man
  • Improve the awareness on diabetes management among PwD
  • Improve the diagnosis
  • Medical advice for diabetes management to PwD
  • Improve the self-management skills among the PwD
  • Focused treatment on diabetes and diabetes related complications
  • Disseminating the evidence based Diabetes Management
  • Community based approach for diabetes management
  • Alternatives approaches for diabetes prevention
What we do
  • Publishing JoSH D twice in a year
  • Ensuring the all Diabetes educators use and contribute JoSH D
  • Ensuring the all good experiences and practices would be published in JoSH D from all over the world
  • Showcase the stakeholders with scientifically and very convincing way
  • Showcase the burden of diabetes and holistic approach of solution to the policy makers


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  • Collaborating with other research organizations to increase the capacity building in NCD management
What we do
  • Collaborating with other research organizations in respective CDB states
  • Socio Psychological studies would be done with the help of research organizations
  • Economic model would be developed to better implementation of CDB program
  • Convincing the stakeholders and policy makers on current burden of Diabetes in the community with scientific manner
  • Provide various scenarios of diabetes burden with and without intervention
  • Support the state with evidence based decision
  • Establish Primary Health Centre based Diabetes registry with the support from respective state governments in India
What we do
  • Developing the online software and application for Diabetes registry
  • Software with Desktop and online data entry support
  • Easy to use at Government set up
  • Web based application for wider access
  • Understanding of current burden of Diabetes in the respective PHC / district/ state
  • Understanding of clinical epidemiology of Diabetes in the respective state
  • Tracking of people with diabetes treatment vis-à-vis outcome

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1. Estimated from IDF 7th Atlas 2015
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